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Community-Based Clinical Cannabis Evaluation & Research Network (CBCCERN) and the Center for Incubation & Findings Research (CIFR)
Welcome You To The Future of Medical Cannabis and Hemp Research!

Despite “Medical Cannabis” being considered “legal” and “legitimate” in a majority of US states, today, there is still a great divide in credible, validated studies and research on the risks, benefits and outcomes associated with using cannabis and cannabinoids in traditional and conventional treatment plans leading to a disconnect between providers and their patients- further widening the gap in accessible care and professional education. To further combat these widening gaps in mainstream health care systems regarding the current state of Cannabinoid and Cannabis Research, the Center for Incubation & Findings Research (CIFR) partnered with David G. Ostrow, MD, PhD, LFAPA and David Bearman, MD to empower the Community-Based Clinical Cannabis Evaluation & Research Network (CBCCERN) on the proverbial battlefield to create, lead and implement necessary change in regulatory, research, validation and qualification of (Endo)Cannabinology datasets for the treatment and alleviation of a variety of categorically complex diseases. 


In the years since, CBCCERN has integrated both its education and research programs into clinical practice, medical conferences and even a small portion of the Free Clinic Day where CBCCERN helps combat the opioid epidemic by giving away free medical cannabis card (state) recommendations when patients otherwise qualify for opioid or similar intervention. This alone has demonstrated a great deal of impact while collecting patient-centric data and doing good deeds for all stakeholders.

In Memoriam of
Dr. David G. Ostrow

(April 28, 1947 - February 16, 2022) CBCCERN Cofounder: David G. Ostrow, MD, PhD, LFAPA, (Endo)Cannabinology Expert, Founding Coordinator and Co-Director of Research for the Community-Based Clinical Cannabis Evaluation & Research Network (CBCCERN) and Compassion Center (Photo Courtesy of Dr. David G. Ostrow, MD, PhD).
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Until his recent retirement, Dr. David Bearman, a co-founding (Endo)Cannabinologist from the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine (AACM) and CBCCERN, served in the roles of  Chief Medical Officer and Grand Proctor for the Free Clinic Program, a pioneering-program that combines Continuing Medical Education (CME) with the delivery of free healthcare through an otherwise orchestrated clinical practicum providing 10 minutes with a medical provider, attorney or social worker, depending on a patient’s own perceived need. 


CBCCERN serves as the first-of-its kind platform to provide organization, administration and oversight on organized peer-reviewed research of the cannabis plant, its various individual compounds and various preparations, through National networks of (Endo)Cannabinologists, Researchers and Licensed Clinicians who are also currently in the practice of recommending medical cannabis for the treatment and alleviation of disorders that are not well addressed by existing FDA-approved therapies. Today, CBCCERN is under the Compassion Center and the Center for Incubation & Findings Research where it leads a variety of outreach and clinical efforts related to widespread adoption of its network. A major part of the Free Clinic System, CBCCERN trains, manages and oversees the medical cannabis clinical practicums, medical cannabis recommendations and registration with the state, credentialing.  


To support CBCCERN, please click here. CBCCERN, CIFR and/or MSOplus have launched several new platforms and programs with features to take recruiting, program delivery and fundraising to the next level with broad-range transparency, monthly reporting and analytics. CBCCERN members are privileged to share database access, collaboration and resources.


Get to know the new direction of CBCCERN and support the future of cannabis today. 


CBCCERN is the Future of Cannabinoid Research…


For Providers: Project management, tracking and tracing of studies, trials, fundraising and outcomes will create compassion, inclusion, accountability, transparency and/or measurable impacts in the local community, which are the fundamental keys to (y)our overall success in (y)our mission(s). CBCCERN welcomes new collaborators, and offers a free electronic health records (EHR) management system, as well as database, generative AI and mobile support to participating clinics, clinicians, researchers and principal investigators (PIs).


For Patients: CBCCERN is not exclusive to any one single clinic or clinic system, rather it is an optional EHR featured through a mobile application that empowers patients and providers with a bridge to communicate, schedule, order and recommend services 24/7/365 because life is never going to slow down until it finally stops. Additionally, CBCCERN is available in 18 states as an optional program for Compassion Center’s patients to participate in.  


Get to know CBCCERN, participate through Compassion Center or MSO+ and be a part of the change you wish to see in the world, today, by implementing a viable solution that can be measured by (y)our positive impacts, tomorrow. Email:

A Disruptive Innovation Forged on Behalf of Science and the Betterment of Humans

Working with a mission of serving humanity with solutions that lead to compassionate change, Compassion Center, CIFR and MSOplus, among our other extensions, work in unity towards a clear and healthier tomorrow with unified goals and expectations. Each quarter, the progress is evaluated, measured and courses are corrected should any deviation occur.

While run by a 100% volunteer board, the Compassion Center has successfully effectuated measurable change for over 20 years on our federal, state and administrative levels serving millions of patients in the process through open collaboration, legislative action, professional education and healthcare innovations, changing the outcomes for millions and still counting.

Be the change you wish to see in the world and start today by joining, advocating or serving on behalf of the CBCCERN.

Mission: Community-Based Clinical Empowerment

CBCCERN and Compassion Center are at the forefront of cannabis and cannabinoid care, research and innovation combining education with clinical care, research and contract research organizations to facilitate management of trials, studies, evaluations and product validations to maximize a broad range of positive impacts for all.

Donations go further with CBCCERN and the Compassion Center by reaching more patients and charting more outcomes as a result of coordinated care delivery. No less than 80% of each and every dollar raised goes towards the actual research programs while in many cases those programs see over 90% of the source funding in all.

CBCCERN empowers the leading edge of medicine and Cannabinology by engaging providers who actually see their patients for treatment instead of working with clinicians who exclusively cater to the research, clinical trials or product evaluation side of medicine. CBCCERN trains each physician how to best standardize and organize their data.

Looking into the future, CBCCERN will be packaged into various forms to inspire unity and collaboration regardless of platform. For those who wish to integrate Cannabinology into their practice, and those who regularly practice it, CBCCERN will be the gateway to credible research, evaluation partners and data-driven results that can be traced out.

CBCCERN Oversight

CBCCERN is an extension of CIFR, and is under the supervision and oversight of the CIFR: CBCCERN Board Committee, an autonomous committee dedicated to the advancement of the CBCCERN mission.

To learn more about CBCCERN's oversight or transparency policies, please contact an agent from the Office of Accountability & Transparency of the Compassion Center.

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CBCCERN is ALWAYS on the hunt for the brightest, newest and most advanced in intellectual leadership, clinical practice and research. Especially when it comes to developing Continuing Medical Education and/or clinical practicums to advance the specialty field(s) of (Endo)Cannabinology.

An autonomous extension of CIFR, the CBCCERN is overseen by its own board committee that empowers the Researchers and research institutions that are capable of assisting clinicians, providers and other leaders in advancing that noble research.

While working in conjunction with, and as an extension of, Compassion Center, the CBCCERN is leading towards the future of integrative medicine that we all need to see in the world of cannabis, cannabinoid and hemp research without any sort of outside influences. Come check us out!

While Compassion Center and Center for Incubation & Findings Research (CIFR) are the lead organizations behind CBCCERN, CBCCERN is independent.

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CBCCERN relies on grants, donations and endowments dedicated to advancing the research, integration and implementation of (Endo)Cannabinology as a discipline.

Taking a multi-directional non-traditional approach, CBCCERN combines the best-of-class in models with the brightest minds in medical cannabis research to channel multiple research projects a variety of tool- kits, administrative support, resources and oversight to champion the change we all need to see in the world we live in today.

CBCCERN is a public-charity extension of the Compassion Center, as such, 100% of the donations made to CBCCERN qualify for a tax-deduction. Check with your tax professional for specifics related to your individual situation and/or state-laws.

80-90% of every dollar goes directly to the research, while excess funds are returned for reallocation to other projects. CIFR is an extension of Compassion Center, an OR 501(c)(3) public charity organization.

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CBCCERN is an extension of the Center for Incubation & Findings Research (CIFR) and Compassion Center, an Oregon-based 501(c)(3) public charity clinical management services organization (MSO).

Therefore, all individual donations made to CBCCERN are tax deductible to the extent of any other charitable donations. Please consult your own tax advisor for specific answers regarding your individual circumstances.

CBCCERN Provides It's Researchers, Clinicians and their Patients a Solution.

I appreciate supporting others.

Volunteering changed my life.

I have a purpose beyond work.

Everyone has a job, I have a purpose, too.

I am empowering change.

People helping people is a beautiful thing.

Time flies when your healing.

Perfect place for professionals to practice.

Measuring my local impact.

Providing this service is fun and rewarding.

Putting all my efforts in people.

Rewarding is an understatement, really.

Write to us for more information on how we utilize your donations.

Communication, Accountability, Transparency and Compliance are the Cornerstones of CBCCERN and Compassion Center


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100% of the donations collected on this site are used to advance CBCCERN. Funds are tracked through a variety of accounting, administrative, legal and operational tolls and policies with strict oversight for your protection.

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