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CBCCCERN is an autonomous extension of the Center for Incubation & Findings Research (CIFR) a Hillsboro Oregon 501(c)(3) public charity research institute. CIFR is a direct extension of Compassion Center, a national public-charity clinic system founded in 2001 to professionally educate, advocate and innovate on behalf of categorically complex, terminally ill and underserved citizens for the betterment of tomorrow. To learn more, visit:

Compassion Center is overseen and managed by finance, healthcare, public health and administration experts from a variety of backgrounds, communities and specialties. The Compassion Center takes great pride in effectuating great change in a positive direction and representing all others.

Donations to CBCCERN are tax-deductible.

CBCCERN is for the Patients

CBCCERN is a research network comprised of clinicians, practitioners, principal investigators, researchers and analysts focused on researching cannabis, cannabinoids and terpenes in treating and alleviating a variety of conditions that are not well addressed by FDA-approved therapies.

Bridging technology with practicality, CBCCERN partnered with CIFR due to CIFR's reach in the U.S. through the Compassion Center, a 501(c)(3) clinic system that serves 18 states and almost all regions.

In 2022, CBCCERN was adopted as a permanent project under CIFR. As such, CBCCERN's research parameters were incorporated into Compassion Center's EHR and a secondary EHR was deployed.

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While we are working remotely, we are still responding to emails and voicemails in record time so please don't hesitate to reach out and make a connection with us.

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